This curious natural feature consists of a hundred or so meters of stream which has cut a winding, smooth channel through the narrow strip of smooth sandstone bedrock over which it descends. Sleeping Dragon Gorge is little visited nowadays, and although just a short walk from the road, the trail is indistinct and the approach across the algae-covered rock is dangerously slippery.

Access is from the minor road that branches off county route 159, connecting the hamlets of Qiedongzi (茄苳仔) with Shuisheliao (水社寮) on the Alishan Forest Railway. Several kilometres up the narrow, winding road, pass a small  tea plantation atop a stone wall on the left of the road. Soon after a narrow lane on the left doubles back, uphill. Walk or very carefully ride up this and near the top look for the start of the trail on the left, climbing up the hillside. In just a few minutes the trail meets the bedrock beside the stream. It’s very slippery on the steeply sloping rock face, despite a few old concrete steps, so be careful!