A sequence of (supposedly) six waterfalls on a stream just above Fengshan, Shipangu Waterfalls were never one of Fengshan’s more interesting water features. The gorge was devastated by the ravages of Typhoon Morakot, and is now a wasteland of bare rock, earth and rubble which will probably take years to soften. There are two main waterfalls to see, both small, particularly by local standards, although the trail up the stream is quite nice.  The waterfalls are clearly signposted from Fengshan village.



Dadianyu Waterfall

Jiaolong Waterfall (Taiwan’s highest)

Lovers’ Glen Waterfall

Tianyungu Waterfall (天雲谷瀑布): a series of several big falls totalling several hundred meters in height. Can only be seen from a distance, at a viewing platform at the end of a signposted road up from Fengshan village.