A tall and rather lovely waterfall in Ruifong Scenic Area beside county route 162 east of Meishan (梅山), now easy of access via a new trail. Access is easy from either below Longgong Waterfall downstream, or from the car park a couple of minutes further east along county route 162, from where the same trail descends to the base of the waterfall. There’s apparently a second fall above, but if so, it was inaccessible when we visited.



Longgong Waterfall

Leiyin Waterfalls

Zhongzheng Waterfall (中正大瀑布): A large and impressive-looking waterfall a few hundred meters downstream from Longgong Waterfall and the bottom Leiyin Waterfall. The new path to Longgong Waterfall passes the waterfall on the way, hidden in the deep gorge below. The only way to see it would be to trace up the river below, or walk down from Longgong to the brink.