A little-known waterfall, one of several lofty but little visited waterfalls on the cliffs around Fengshan village, Lovers’ Glen waterfall lies downstream from the much better-known  Stone Dream Valley (石夢谷), and lies on the same loop trail that climbs from above Fengshan to that wonderful place. The trail runs through spectacular and rugged scenery, but although damaged by typhoons and simple weathering it’s still both easy and passable in 2013.  Some of the wooden ladders and bridges could rot away in coming years making parts of the route inaccessible, however.


Jiaolong Waterfall (Taiwan’s highest)

Shipangu Waterfalls

Dadianyu Waterfall

Tianyungu Waterfall (天雲谷瀑布): a series of several big falls totalling several hundred meters in height. Can only be seen from a distance, at a viewing platform at the end of a signposted road up from Fenshan village.