The most impressive of the eight waterfalls on this stretch of the Shuangshue Stream and its tributaries, access to Longgong (‘Dragon Palace’) Waterfall was much improved several years ago when the original steep dirt trail down to the waterfall from the opposite side of the gorge was replaced by an easier and almost level path beginning about a kilometres downstream from the waterfall (with stretches on raised wooden boardwalk and several small suspension bridges). A signposted lane (narrow, rutted and rough in places, but passable by scooter) leaving county route 162 at one of the many hairpin bends that snake up the steep hillside en route to Ruifang. There’s space to park a few scooters at the trailhead at the end of the track.



Shengmaoshu Waterfall

Leiyin Waterfalls

Zhongzheng Waterfall (中正大瀑布): A large and impressive-looking waterfall a few hundred meters downstream from Longgong Waterfall and the bottom Leiyin Waterfall. The new path to Longgong Waterfall passes the waterfall on the way, hidden in the deep gorge below. The only way to see it would be to trace up the river below, or walk down from the foot of Longgong Waterfall to the brink.