A series of five waterfalls plunging into the deep gorge directly opposite Longgong Waterfall, the attractive final fall is the easiest to reach at present, lying directly beside the trail to Longgong Waterfall. A steep dirt trail leaving the road at the hairpin bend beside Ruifang Mountain Villa (瑞峰山莊) drops/dropped beside the stream to the bottom of the gorge, with short side trails to the various attractive waterfalls. This was once the main way to spectacular Longgong Waterfall, but a new, easier and more level path was built a few years ago leading upstream along the gorge, and this original trail is likely hard to follow these days.



Longgong Waterfall

Zhongzheng Waterfall (中正大瀑布): A large and impressive-looking waterfall a few hundred meters downstream from Longgong Waterfall and the bottom Leiyin Waterfall. The new path to Longgong Waterfall passes the waterfall on the way, hidden in the deep gorge below. The only way to see it would be to trace up the river below, or walk down from the foot of Longgong Waterfall to the brink.

Shengmaoshu Waterfall