Taiwan’s highest waterfall is anywhere between 400 and 700 meters in height, depending on which measurements you believe. It lies on a stream with a very small catchment area, and is often little more than a tiny trickle. During or immediately after heavy rain or a typhoon is the best time to see it, and luckily road connections to Fengshan village below the waterfall are much better than in the past. The waterfall is clearly visible from anywhere in the village, but is better viewed from the viewing platform and coffee shop near Jiaolong Bridge below the cliffs. It’s possible to trace up the stream below the falls for a closer look, but below the waterfall the stream flows through a rugged gorge, and closer access is difficult. Several hotels, such as the Fenshan Shanzhuang, display photos of the waterfall in spate – an amazing sight.


Dadianyu Waterfall

Shipangu Waterfalls

Lovers’ Glen Waterfall

Tianyungu Waterfall (天雲谷瀑布): a series of several big falls totalling several hundred meters in height. Can only be seen from a distance, at a viewing platform at the end of a signposted road up from Fenshan village.