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It’s taken awhile, but my new site is finally up and running!

So far it’s basically just a (hopefully much improved) new version of my Off the Beaten Track blog, with about 15 new blog entries which have been written since the new site was established, but hopefully this new version looks better, and the blog entries (210 to date!) are much more easily searchable and accessible than on the old site.
There are several new branches of the website to add over the next months as the site develops:

  • More info about my six books currently on the market
  • A shop for mail-ordering the books
  • A section devoted to introducing my services as a guide in Taiwan
  • Wild About Waterfalls: my blog (which currently lists over 200 waterfalls around Taiwan). It’s presently found here, although after 3 or 4 years online it’s still a work in progress!

Please let me know what you think, and how I can improve it!!

Some of the older posts may be very slow to load at present. This is because until recently I was blessedly unaware of the size of some of the photos I uploaded onto my blog. I’ll slowly get round to compressing the jpegs, which should speed the uploading process, but that will take some time…


I’ve finally dragged myself, at least a little bit, into the digital world, and most of the blog entries now have one or more Google Maps showing the location of key places described in the entry. The accuracy of the markers varies a little, as while the GPS coordinates of some places were measured on-site with a Garmin, others were located on Google Maps, so the location might not be exactly correct. In any event all the places I describe should be easy enough to find with the present directions and coordinates, combined with a little common-sense and experience at route-finding in the Great Outdoors. I can’t stress enough the importance of not relying completely on your cellphone or Garmin when hiking – while they’re useful backups, there’s no replacement for developing a good sense of direction and an ability to read both a map and the lay of the land!

And don’t forget the books! Taiwan is now covered fairly comprehensively by the six books currently on the market, and while there’s a lot of info up on this blog, there’s far more detail and depth in the books, should you want to look depper into just some of the seemingly inexhaustible attractions of this quite extraordinary island!!

April 25th 2017

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