Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail and the Pingxi Crags – a fabulous combination

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Motian Waterfall

I’ve long thought the upper Keelung River valley (along the Pingxi Branch Line) one of Taipei area’s very finest areas for hiking, and have hiked both these trails many times, and blogged about them at least once in the couple of years since this site has been going; the hiking there never gets boring or old.

On Loving Mother Mountain

Behind Sandiaoling Waterfall

In fact my latest trip there, on the last Tuesday in April, was one of my most memorable of all.   The spur to go hiking on Tuesday this time (when I’d normally being cooped up at home practicing piano for a future recital) was a recent message on the blog from an American called Anthony, who was in town for a week performing in a show (‘Tap Dogs:’ virtuoso, inventive and clever – thanks for the tickets mate!) and wanted to get out hiking.

On Mt Putuo

At the base of the Filial Son

These two classic hikes are described on pages 138-143 and 172-177.

These two classic hikes are described on pages 138-143 and 172-177.

In the end I offered to go along for the hike, and I’m very glad I did: it turned into one of those  rare and wonderful occasions where absolutely everything went just right – fantastic weather, fantastic scenery, great company, interesting conversation, and just the right amount of water in the streams. Plus the two of us set a pace that allowed us to do both hikes in one near-perfect day. The long route of the Pingxi Crags and the Sandiaoling Waterfall walk  both make for a great short day’s hiking on their own, but together they make a really great combo!

Sandiaoling Waterfall …

…and Anthony standing at the very brink of Sandiaoling Waterfall – he’s a braver man than me…

I’ve described all these place before elsewhere on this blog, so I’ll leave it at this, post a few photos from the trip, and say a big thanks to Anthony for helping to make it such a great day. If you’re ever in Taiwan again, Anthony – just let me know!

The Land God Pool is as beautiful -and pristine – as ever

The Loving Mother Ridge, round the back, is less often climbed than the three main peaks at Pingxi Crags

Below Loving Mother Mountain


  1. How did you get there? I’m planning a weekend trip and if you can post directions or such it would be fantastic!

    1. Author

      It’s pretty simple – just take an eastbound(slow) train from Taipei to Sandiaoling Station and follow the other hikers! The whole route is described in detail in Taipei Escapes I, available in bookshops in Taipei. Enjoy!

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