Next Hikes (November 20th -21st)

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Resting on the ridge after Mt Bijia (Sunday’s hike destination)

SUNDAY CHANGE OF HIKE PLAN: To begin my revision of the second book (west of Taipei) with something special, I’ll be off to Miaoli’s famous (and very beautiful Lion’s Head Mountain, dotted with huge old temples, looks more like something out of a Chinese painting; very easy walking (suitable for everyone) along wide, surfaced trails and loads of great photo opportunities. If you see this before Sunday am and want to come call my cell (0921 252 144) or email me before 11 pm!

Nineteen hikes checked and eleven to go! The revision is getting there, but still lots to be done! Here are few pics from this weekend’s hike checking. There were (understandably) no takers for Saturday’s hike, so we re-routed (luckily had the use of a car) to Shenkeng and Pinglin and got two chapters done in one day!

The ‘new bridge’ at Pinglin

More good news is that the weather is definitely showing signs of improving, and there’s a good chance we could have a  weekend largely without rain!

Gem in White Horse General Cave near Shenkeng. The cave (there are actually several) was a hideout for resistance fighters in the early years of the Japanese occupation.

The plan for Saturday (and it could change overnight if the weather continues in its recent trend…) is to try once agin for Stone Bamboo Shoot and Shulungjian. STRONGER HIKERS ONLY, please, for this one. Since a couple are interested in doing the whole three, we’re planning afterwards to do Fengtou Peak (the third of the Pingxi Three Peaks),  so we don’t want to be too leisurely on Saturday morning! The info (and photos) are all on the second blog entry below (the last Weekend Hikes entry).

The trail along the Mt Bijia Ridge

We meet at the entrance to Muzha MRT station (as usual). Please note the EARLIER meeting time: 710 am. The bus will come through about 7:20 am so please make sure you’re there before then!

Four Dragons Waterfall near Shenkeng

SUNDAY’s hike is the marvellous Bijia Ridge walk between Shiding and Muzha (on the edge of Taipei city). This is one of Taipei area’s finest ridgewalks, because for five of the trail’s six hours, there’s nothing but a narrow dirt trail, high on the top of the wooded ridge. There some easy rocky bits to scramble up and a few magnificent views, and all in all it’s a classic hike. We meet on SUNDAY at 8;10 am, exit 2 of Jingmei MRT station, street level. Before turning up, though, please be sure to let me know by email, so I know I won’t be waiting there alone (since I’m a bit late organising this (Friday evening) no-one has said they’re coming yet). If you need to contact me for any reason, you can on my cellphone (0921 252 144).

Mt Bijia Ridge Walk

As usual PLEASE let me know if you’re interested in coming . If there’s little interest in Saturday’s hike, I’ll get up earlier and try to get an early start on the trails by myself.

The trail along the Mt Bijia Ridge

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