Hiking next weekend (November 6th-7th)

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A stormy day at Shenao, with Keelung Mountain in the distance

Well we finally got out for a walk on both Saturday and Sunday this week, and got in some pretty memorable hiking, despite the so-so weather. Hoping for better weather next weekend (Saturday is looking hopeful). I’ve attached a few photos from the hikes we did to this post. More to come when I get round to writing the various Blog posts. 

Da Tzu Keng (Ta T’zu K’eng) Old Trail (Taipei Day Trips 1, page 133)

Next Saturday’s plan (November 6th) is for a tough hike on the Northeast Coast: Shitikeng Old Trail.  I covered it already on the blog when four of us from the group hiked it back on a beautiful hot day in June (for info see http://taiwandiscovery.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/mount-nanzhilin-ridge-and-shitikeng-old-trail/) . This is one of the most STRENUOUS hikes in the book, so please only consider coming if you’re used to rough hiking up overgrown hillsides with lots of short but very steep climbs,  and a couple of  rocky bits. We need fairly good weather for this, so if it isn’t cooperating, we’ll switch to the less taxing (but still exciting!) Banping and Teapot Mountains. If however the Northeast Coast is really not the place to be on Saturday, we’ll have to pick something further inland.

Dream Lake from the slopes of Mt Sin (Hsin Shan; TDT1, page 61)

Sunday (November 7th), the plan is once again to try yet again for the Stone Bamboo Shoot hike ; we didn’t even attempt it last weekend. There’s already plenty of info up below about this oft-postponed hike, so nothing more here, except to state it’s also NOT an easy hike. Much easier than Shitikeng, but still confidence on easyish rocky terrain and steep slopes is required.

Wild weather at Elephant’s Trunk Rock, Fanziao, Northeast Coast

We only had three hikers in all interested in coming last week, which was understandable, considering the weather wasn’t looking great. The forecast so far is better for this weekend, so hoping to see more faces!

Land God shrine at Nuan Dong Gorge, Keelung (TDT1, page 110)


  1. Hi, I’m in Taipei on business this week and would like to join this hike tomorrow, if possible. Caveat: I’m in the city and will need directions to a meeting place. Please send me an email if you have spots open. I have Saunders’ book Taipei Day Trips 1, so I’m sure I can find something else if you decide not to go. Please feel free to have a look at my website (scroll down a bunch to find recent hiking posts) – I mostly climb mountains; it’s been tough finding something of a decent height in the area (can’t find a topo map and Saunders’ book seems to be more for touristy strolls). Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I fly back to the States on Sunday.


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