Next Hike: Sunday October 3rd: Hsiufeng Waterfall and Big Sharp Mountain, Xijhi

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Jiadong Waterfalls is an attractive series of cascades near the end of the hike


What with my recital tonight (yikes!!) and the borderline weather forecast for tomorrow, I’ve not got round to putting up meeting details for tomorrow yet. The weather is looking possible though (bring rain gear though!) so let’s go ahead and do it! We meet tomorrow at 8 am PROMPT at Taipei Main Train Station west 3 exit. This is the mainline station, the huge square building on street level (NOT the mass rapid transit station underground). When you get to the main building, you’ll see the many exits scattered along each of the four sides are marked by the points of the compass, so finding West 3 should be easy. As usual bring firm footwear (trainers are fine), rain protection, some pack lunch and drink unless you’re OK buying it on the run on the way.

Finally, please confirm if you’re coming tomorrow. I’ve only had a little interest so far and want to make sure I don’t turn up alone tomorrow morning at the train station!

My recital is on Saturday (hope to see some of you there!) so no hike that day, but a bracing hike is planned for Sunday after all the pressure is finally off! It’s a good walk!

Some easy rocky country to negotiate on the later part of the hike

We start in the town of Xijhi, just 20 minutes’ ride east of Taipei Main Station and the hike sets out with a look at a quite unique and locally very famous sight: the gold-covered body of a long-deceased monk, which ‘miraculously’ failed to decompose after burial. The body lies on view in an ornamental pavilion in a large and very impressive complex of temples. From here it’s a good long climb up to a temple with a great view (if the weather cooperates!). From here we visit the lovely Hsiufeng Waterfall, climb to the top of Big Sharp Mountain, then hike into the jungle-clad hills behind it, before a rough and very interesting hike back through the hills towards Xijhi (a few easy rocky descents – with fixed ropes – on the way). Finally we return to civilization after passing a second set of waterfalls: Jiadung Falls.

The incorruptible corpse of a former monk, now covered in gold leaf, resides in a temple in the hills above Xijhi

This is a moderate-to-moderately strenuous hike, 5-6 hours in length at a steady pace.  There’s quite a lot of climbing (a lot of steps in the first part of the hike, turning to natural dirt paths for the remainder of the trip) and some roughish stretches, including a few stretches with fixed ropes, but nothing very difficult or challenging. It’s also a very varied hike, with lots of beautiful views, two sets of waterfalls, jungle, rock formations etc. This hike is fine if the weather is a bit unsettled (a bit of rain will make the waterfalls look better!), although if it’s pouring with rain on Sunday we’ll obviously cancel.

On the approach to Xiufeng Waterfall

   Let me know if you’re interested, and if there’s enough demand, we’ll set up meeting times etc.

The ascent includes many steps!


  1. Hi, I’m interested to join, please advise time and meeting place if still on. There will be 2 of us. Thanks.

  2. Hi, didnt get any emails from you and have been checking the website very often but there were no meeting details, for some reason your update of the meeting point was not updated until this morning…? sorry to have missed this hike.

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