Next Hike: Sandiaoling Waterfall Walk (Saturday 4th September)

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Behind Sandiaoling Waterfall is a huge natural overhang, allowing hikers to stand behind the waterfall

With no less than three typhoons in the area at the moment, Saturday’s hike is not a definite yet, but as long as the heavy rain abates before the weekend, the planned walk (one of the classic hikes in the Taipei area) to a series of very impressive waterfalls on a tributary of the upper Keelung River, is a perfect choice.

Niya Waterfall, the last of the three big waterfalls on the hike, is actually the smallest of the trio

This is a moderate and now very famous hike, three-to-four hours long at a relaxed pace, along a mixture of surfaced and dirt paths. Please note however, there are two rock faces to be climbed, and a stream to be waded across. Both cliffs are relatively easy to get up as they have big foot and hand holds and ropes, but they do need a certain head for heights (if you’ve done any of the more rugged walks (with fixed ropes) you’ll have no trouble).

The cliff beside Sandiaoling Waterfall is climbed by a new rope-ladder contraption: certainly a little easier and safer than the original foot holds!

The original plan, to wade up a tributary to the little-visited Land God Pool will probably be impossible, since the water will be too high, but we still plan to visit the lovely Fantasy Waterfall (a.k.a. Two Phoenix  Gorge Waterfall) as a short detour before the main path, where we visit three tall and very beautiful waterfalls. It’s possible to stand in the huge overhang behind the tallest of the three, Sandiaoling Waterfall itself.

After these waterfalls, we descend back to the Keelung River and take a quick look at impressive Shifen Waterfall (the so-called ‘Niagara of Taiwan’) on the way back to the train.

Details of when we meet etc. will be sent out by email. Fingers crossed these typhoons pass over before Saturday!!

Two Phoneix Waterfall is a short detour off the main route


  1. An absolutely wonderful experience, this hike was. The scenery was incredible and the cliffs, although scary, were very safe and quite a rush! Richard, you’re a great guide! Thank you!

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